Photo Journal: The Philippines

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With just a “mere” 7,000 islands, the Philippines is one of my favorite destinations in the world (so far!). If we’ve ever talked travels, you know that The Philippines are at the top of my list. The landscapes, the diving, the people- everything about it.

In comparison to the mainland of Southeast Asia, the Philippines still have a very “off the beaten track” vibe. The WiFi is close to none and the electricity tends to go out every other day. But hey, we adapt.

Philippines is a destination for budget and luxury travelers alike. especially if you stray away from the island of Palawan. Although amazing, its popularity makes it a bit more expensive.

Without a doubt, my favorite island in the Philippines is Siquijor.  It’s quaint, quiet and absolutely stunning. Not to mention it holds the number one spot for my favorite sunset in the world. Put it at the top of your list!

Below you can find a few of my favorite moments from my month spent in the Philippines. Ready to go yet?


Chocolate Hills, Bohol. Ft. my Swedish bff


Moalboal, Cebu


El Nido, Palawan


El Nido, Palawan


Moalboal, Cebu. Stay at Babu Backpackers Inn!


coconuts and friends and boat excursions


the water though


surprised I didn’t fall to be honest


Alone Beach, Bohol


yup, this is it. my favorite sunset of my life.


Chocolate Hills, Bohol


Traditional Philippines dinner!


sunsets always


Beach day lunches!


honestly I’m not sure there is anything better


Drinks and more sunsets. Apparently my favorite lifestyle


El Nino you have my heart


Apo Island diving!!



this smile was permanent the whole dang time

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