A Proper Gift Guide for The Traveler in Your Life

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Gift guide for the traveler in your life

Curious as to what you should get for the jet-setter in your life?

I’ve created a list of gift ideas and essentials perfect for your friend that is always on the road!




Passport Holder

A passport holder can serve as a protector to your most important document while overseas, plus who doesn’t love adding a little personality to their travel?

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Luggage Tags

Again, a little bit of personality and whole lot of identification.

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Never lose your luggage or most valuable possessions with this mini-genius!

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Personalized Jewelry Box Or Clutch

A perfect gift for the fashionista traveler in your life. Personalized and organized!

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Travel Inspired Books

Some of my favorites are:

How to Travel the World on $50 A Day

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Find it on Amazon here


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A great way for travelers to document their travels and adventures. This classic Moleskin is a forever keepsake!

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Compression Socks

I always keep a pair of socks in my carry-on. Compression socks help prevent swelling while simultaneously keeping you warm!

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World Scratch Map

Keep track of your adventures one scratch at a time. This art is perfect for the wanderlust-fueled friend in your life!Find it on Amazon here


Neck Pillow

A neck crick mixed with jet lag all while trying to navigate a new city? No thank you. This pillow can be adjusted to fit your favorite sleeping position and can tag along anywhere!

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Travel Towel

Quick drying and easy to stash in a carry-on or backpack, a travel towel can be used by the pool, on the sand, in the shower. Talk about versatile.

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Portable Charger

Phones triple as our navigator, photographer and communicator. Make sure your phone doesn’t die with a portable charger!

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Cord Organizer

This cord organizer keeps all of your cords organized in one handy location. Thank goodness to whoever thought of this!

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Universal Travel Adapter

A necessary when leaving your home country! This worldwide travel adapter will ensure you’re able to use all the electronics in your life.

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Eye mask

Having an eye mask that blocks out light for uninterrupted sleep while traveling can be justified as self-care in my opinion. This mask can be used as hot or cold therapy when you’re feeling under the weather on the road.

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Packing cubes

Packing cubes allow you to store more of your belongings in a single backpack or suitcase. They guarantee the ultimate organization and can be used for a weekend away or a year abroad!

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Silk sleeping bag

Popularly sold on the streets of Vietnam, a silk sleeping bag is a must while backpacking. Speaking from experience, You. Just. Never. Know. Play it safe and have one of these handy. 

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Ear Plugs

For many backpackers, hostels are the primary source of accommodation. Ear plugs will tune out the noise around you so you can get a good nights rest.


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LifeStraw Filtered Water Bottle

This filtered water bottle is great for traveling, backpacking, or camping. It’s a money-saver, too!

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Camera Sleeve

Don’t have room for an entire camera bag? This camera sleeve with protect your camera on the road!

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Go Pro Hero 7

The ultimate adventure camera. The Go Pro Hero 7 takes photos, videos, and is water-proof!

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Camera Bag

Take your camera anywhere in style with the perfect bag!

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Noise Canceling Headphones

Whether you need to tune out the city that never sleeps, the snoring guy next to you or run alongside the ocean, a proper pair of headphones for travel is a must.

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The Kindle is the perfect e-reader while on the road. It is compact, convenient and light-weight. To all my avid readers, you will not be disappointed!

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