19 Reminders from 2019

I’ll be honest, there has been a lot of resistance towards writing this specific post. Well, in general, there has been a lot of resistance toward my writing in 2019, but I’ll get to that in a minute. 

2019 was a beautiful one. A lot of beautiful highs and many necessary “lows”. An unexpected year, to say the least. Which is maybe why I’ve had such a hard time picking up this damn laptop and telling the world all that I have learned. 

I am often thankful for those “stuck in the trenches” moments that have led me to where I am currently. But the truth is, when it comes to vulnerability, it’ll never be easy. To put your creations, your words, your wisdom out into the world will most always come with a sense of fear. Fear of the unknown. The unknown judgement. It is natural, and I have preached a lot this year about feeling the fear and doing it anyway. 

In many ways I have held true to my words, but in many ways I also haven’t. I love to write and share and create. I have filled countless journals this year. They’re filled with gratitude, hopes, dreams, stories, lessons, friendships, travels, heartbreak, and everything in between. I am proud of them, some of my most prized possessions.

I sometimes cringe when I think about how many times I’ve been too scared to share my words. The amount of unfinished and finished drafts sitting in my google docs and backend of WordPress is, for lack of a better word, bullshit.

So many words that I feel called to share. Truthfully not giving a damn about the amount of views or “status” or judgement. Just proud because it feels right. It took me almost a full year to come back to it. To come back to the beginning of why I started this blog anyway. 

There has been a lot of pivots and a lot of redirection, and as I sit here on January 1st, 2020 I feel the utmost gratitude of all of it. It’s all been necessary. And I am positive there will continue to be more of it, and I am okay with it.

Putting away the note in my phone that has 27 reminders in it, in an attempt to share straight from the heart. 

Single draft. Definitely profanities. Non SEO approved.

My 19 reminders of 2019 that I feel an unwavering pull to share. A reminder to myself. Thanks for being here. 


Gratitude can turn your entire day around. When everything seems to be going wrong in your life, when it’s hard to see the light, find something to be thankful for. It doesn’t have to be something huge. Blessings surround us every minute, of every single day. In the beginning of 2019 I started journaling 5 things per day that I was thankful for, now I have a hard time putting down my pen. It’s easy to be thankful for the good days, but the hard days? That’s where you grow. That’s where you learn. Always express it on the hard days. Especially on the hard days.

Other peoples expectations of you are not your problem

You will absolutely never be able to impress or please everyone in your life. Your change and new chapters will scare the shit out of people. In fact, in an attempt to be authentic, you may in fact lose people. Find peace in the fact that whatever is meant for you will always be yours. 

Your intuition is a beautiful thing

Not only am I talking about the fact that it saves us from potential danger, but it also leads us to so many beautiful ideas, situations, and people. Allow yourself to get in tune with it.

I don’t believe in coincidences, but this one took me a long time to learn. Hell, I am still learning. The answers are always inside of us. At some point we learn to stop seeking approval from others and recognize that trusting ourselves is beyond good enough. You know deep within. It’s okay if it isn’t what you were expecting. 

Boundaries are necessary

I am honestly laughing and shaking my head at the same time. I used to really suck at boundaries. Shit I probably still do in a way. Boundaries have never been easy for me. I used to be really bad at saying no, and some days I still struggle. Your energy is sacred, remember that. You don’t owe an explanation to anyone or anybody and you have the choice who you devote your time and energy to.

Ask for help and surround yourself with people who know more than you

Learn from these people. Find the expanders in your life- the people you admire and live a life that you desire. They are out there and there will be many willing to help you.

We all have a day one

No one on this planet gets to skip the first day. Remind yourself of this when you’re scared to start the business or run the marathon. It gets a little easier, every single day. Struggles will always exist and that’s okay. We all fail. We all suck at a couple things. This is exactly how we figure out what we want and don’t want in life. 

Be afraid and do it anyway

Feel the fear, acknowledge it, and keep going. Fear is inevitable, but fear is just an emotion. I honestly don’t think anyone knows what they’re doing when they start. I say the best way to learn is by experience. Your excuses will hold you back your entire life, because truthfully, you will always want more. And when you reach the milestone of the new car, job title, bank account, house, etc what’s next? Just do it (thank you NIKE). 

You can always come back to yourself

We all have a fresh 24 each and everyday. Even if it takes you time and time again, you have a blank slate everyday. Keep going. 

Your mind is your most powerful tool

Anything you dream of is available to you. Everything that exists in the world began with a single thought. Your ideas aren’t crazy. In fact, your ideas just may change the world. On the contrary, our minds can tell us a lot of crazy bullshit. Each of us has a few limiting beliefs, but it’s important to remember that those aren’t defining of who we are or what we are capable of.

You can’t expect everyone to meet you where you’re at in life

We’re all doing the best we can with what we have. Each of us living in our own unique worlds, dealing with our own shit. Someones opinion, irrationality or judgement should never hinder you from continuing down the path you feel called to be on. 

Be kind to yourself

We are all humans. The expectations we set for ourselves can sometimes be irrational. I am notorious for this. While on the topic of expectations, societies are bullshit. There isn’t one single way to live your life. Unless there is a book that has 7.8 billion ways to live life let me know. 

Less is more

I say this goes for everything. The happiest I have ever been in my life is living out of a single backpack or suitcase, which is probably why I keep doing it haha. I am not saying don’t treat yourself, it’s all about balance. Just remember, you can’t take it with you when you go.

Fill up your own cup first

I never realized how important this was until a couple of months ago. Show up for yourself, and then show up for others. With a filled cup, (okay i’ll stop with the analogy), we are able to show up with a fuller heart to everyone and everything else in our life. 

Recognize when it’s time to let go and walk away.

Relationship, job, hometown, whatever it may be. It’ll never be easy. There is an ending to every chapter of life. And after that? A new beginning. 

Be authentically and unapologetically you

I think it’s important to recognize that there are loads of how to’s, self development books (I have a problem), courses, and information out there. Find your own voice. Find what resonates with you. There is a big chance it may be different than everyone else’s voices and opinions. Be different. Stand out. It will always be worth. Let’s look at the big picture here, shall we?

Listen more

Learning to listen before you speak is a beautiful virtue. The leader in the room isn’t always the loudest one. 

Enjoy the journey

Don’t get so caught up in the details and the destination that you forget to live. The journey, well that’s most of life anyway. Enjoy the ride cause it goes pretty damn quick.

Just Move

Life honestly isn’t so serious. It’s meant to be fun, it’s meant to be LIVED. Which is the exact reason we are here any who. When you’re stuck, frustrated, blocked, hell any low vibration emotion, just get moving. Get out the energy. Walk, run, jump, do yoga, boxing, karate? Guarantee you’ll feel better after and will be able to approach the situation with a clear head. Namaste wild ones.


Faith in something greater than yourself. Faith in humanity. Faith when you can’t see the answers or the light. Faith (especially) on the hard days. Faith in your friends. Faith in your family. Faith in the journey. Faith in your God or your universe or your higher spirit. Faith in yourself.

And as an encore: never underestimate your own power. A listening ear, a hot shower and a home cooked meal is worth more than gold. Slow down. Love yourself. Be proud of how far you’ve come. Say thank you. Never ever ever give up. Sometimes the cheesiest reminders are the truest of them all.

Happy 2020!!! Thankful for everything and everyone in my life.




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