Oklahoma Bred and World Fed

Oklahoma! Where the wind comes sweeping down the plains. Where I was born and raised, and where I currently call my home. It’s a charming little state, located right in the middle of the good…

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Why You Should be Staying in Hostels

  Hostels are my accommodation preference on the road. Hostels are good for those seeking convenience, affordability, and socialization. As a solo traveler, hostels are the best way to meet other travelers and like-minded individuals.…

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A Proper Gift Guide for The Traveler in Your Life

Curious as to what you should get for the jet-setter in your life? I’ve created a list of gift ideas and essentials perfect for your friend that is always on the road!     STOCKING…

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The Complete Au Pair Experience

The Complete Au Pair Experience It wasn’t long ago I was headed east on a jet plane with a one way ticket. Twenty-one years young, with one goal in mind: to see the world. I…

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